Da Vinci Grids Ⅱ(Patern)

ダヴィンチ・グリッドの重要性に気付いた人の中に、オランダの彫刻家Rinus Roelofsがいる。彼は幾何学に詳しく、それを基に彫刻を行なっている。

Some people realized the importance of the Da Vinci Grid, Dutch sculptor Rinus Roelofs is one of them. He has intimate knowledge of geometry. His sculptures are based on it.
From this time ,it had already growing common recognition of this grid in different areas  of geometry.That had also  became a factor to find the multi-axis body( Polyaxes later.


Roelofs has devised different patterns of the da Vinci grid.
Images shown here are models made based on Da Vinci sketches. They have arranged a bit.For more details, please refer to
his site or the site of Leonardo sticks.
The grid is composed by connecting a simple pattern. The middle model shows a part. of it.
And the grid form structure of the hemispherical dome in the image on the right.


Let's see the smallest unit (module) that make a triangle or square form.
By crossing each other structural materials, the module lifted from the floor and formed a convex surface.


The geometrical important image is that , if the structure material became infinitely thin , the module will be integrated with floor. But I'll have retained further development of this image in this level at this stage,because it will be necessary in the level in which forms form energy.


Well, this module is the formation of dome-shaped structure, da Vinci must have been aware of it too.It is an extension of his idea of a bridge structure (leonardothat I showed last time.
Around the level of classical geometry was not so different from the first half of the last century,until geometer H.S. Coxeter  was active.


The meaning of that structure begins to be indicated fairly finally at the end of the last century when non-Euclid idea intervenes the classics geometry.


As a first step in achitecture,  various geometric attempts were done. Fuller's work in that might be simple and be comprehensible.
It can be said also that the appearance of the tensegrity as the essence was a calling of time even relations of two or more pioneers. 

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