The New Name of the Structure and the Dome that I invented

There are several selection of  the naming.
I have been thinking about it since the start of this development.

Fast of all more than 20 years ago I started this research and study not from grid pattern of Leonard da Vinci but rather from platonic bodies in short sacred geometry.

At that time I researched the structure system in order to form organic. I do not need ones such like a strong personality but rather need to something that could be able to share for everyone.
Therefor I have strongly studied geometric pattern and learned technology of an analysis.
In the interim, I knew the grid by Leonard at the end of last century in Nexus Network Journal.
At this point I have already invented original structure system that consist of three geometric pattern.
A few years later I applicated a patent as structure system.
The dome structure that named by me”The Da Vinci Dome"was the one example from that system.
At the opening to the public I called it so in order to easy to be understood without technical terms and to respect to LDVinci.

However if many people would perceive the significant of  an effect by the 3rd geometric system in it and see the comming outer shell, this name would be unseemly.
Therefor I decided to change this name.
And I put the plain my name to this structure.

Murata Dome, Murata Structure or Murata Structure System
If someone asks more details, I will explain it "New geodesic dome incorporated zome geometry".
Now I will show you some example of  this features.

We can not easily find "zone " in my system, unlike zonohedron- rhombic polyhedron.
Because we used to see and live on a flat world  and in a lower dimension.

Finally I would like show you my final destination.
This is one example of  domed contractions from same system
Here we can not recognize geodesic form.
If someone asks more details, I will explain it "Multidimensional structural architecture".
This structure consist of geometrically 9 dimension.

one example of final transformation
side view


The first floor of the plane

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